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Spirit of Women magazine is a national publication presented to women by hospitals and their physicians. The magazine provides up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare information and promotes our hospitals as leaders in women's health excellence.

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12 12 H E A LT H Y S P I R I T S P R I N G 2 0 1 8 w w w . s a m c . c o m Healthy Lifestyle without exercising How to work out Y ou don't have to hit the gym to get in a good workout: Picking fruit at a local farm, planting summer flowers in the back yard, even walking briskly to the park for a family picnic can help you burn 90 calories or more for every 30 minutes you're active. In fact, health experts count any routines in which you move, stretch or lift as beneficial to your health. A recent study of women over age 65 showed that those who engaged in regular light physical activity, such as walking to the mailbox or strolling around the neighborhood, had a reduction in their risk of mortality, according to Andrea Z. LaCroix, professor and chief of epidemiology, family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego. "All movements count. Everyone should feel great about all the movements they do during the day," says LaCroix, one of the study authors. Exercising in place Instead of thinking about how much exercise you should be doing, put a healthful spin on what you already do, says Gregory Chertok, a sports and exercise psychology consultant in the New York/ Heavy chores, such as chopping wood: 220 calories Light gardening/yard work: 165 calories Dancing: 165 calories Walking at a leisurely pace (3.5 miles per hour): 140 calories Stretching to pick fruit from a tree, trim shrubs, dust bookshelves: 90 calories New Jersey area. "It doesn't have to be a rigid 30 minutes you carve out. I know people who rake [leaves] and reinterpret that as a healthful activity," he says. Use a non-motorized lawn mower to burn more calories than you would with a power mower, for example, or walk along a stream while fishing instead of standing in one spot. "It's empowering to know you can get similar cardio and resistance exercise without having to go to the gym," says Chertok. Double the benefits And when you're actively tackling chores around the house, such as repainting deck furniture or washing the car, you're actually getting two benefits: relief that a job is done and exercise, according to Grace DeSimone, spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine. "I changed all the knobs on my cabinets. It was more labor than I thought," she says. You may discover that when you're feeling good about accomplishing something on your to-do list, such as weeding the garden, it inspires even more movement. For example, do intervals when you're walking to the farmers market, alternating between a normal and a quick pace, allowing one block for each, says DeSimone. BURN CALORIES 6 WAYS TO Note: Calories are based on a 154-pound person doing the activity for 30 minutes. Hiking: 185 calories 1 3 4 5 6 2

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