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4 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m | W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 | S P I R I T O F W O M E N With Spirit The only magazine in America presented for the whole health of women and their families by American hospitals and their physicians. Relevate Health Group, 4270 Ivy Pointe Boulevard, Suite 220, Cincinnati, OH 45245. For general information or advertising inquiries, call 561.544.0755 or visit us at Information contained herein is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have medical concerns, seek the guidance of a healthcare professional. Copyright © 2017, Relevate Health Group. con v ero Contents Winter 2018 15 The write stuff Here's why keeping a journal can be good for your health. 16 Amy Purdy: Reaching for the stars This double-amputee world champion snowboarder sees a limitless future for herself. 18 Is it time to call the doctor about your heartburn? Stomach pains that never seem to go away mean a trip to your healthcare provider is in order. 20 Coping with a sick pet Learn how to give your fur baby the TLC that speeds healing. 22 St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions Dr. Matthew Hofeldt brings a new vision to an experienced program 30 No more couch potato kids Get your children moving even if they've never met a sport they liked. features departments Medical Central: Colors for a Cure ........................ 2 Health Central: News ..............5 Healthy Eating: Good-for-you hot drinks ............6 Sharing Health Secrets: Diet or exercise? .........................8 Financial Fitness: Love it or list it ...........................10 Cover photo: Matthew Hofeldt, MD, medical director, St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions Photo by Rick Lee All photos are from unless other wise noted. Lisa Hastings, Total Woman Coordinator Michael G. Sellards President and CEO St. Mary's Medical Center St. Mary's Medical Center is pleased to again offer weight loss surgery options to our patients battling severe obesity. HIMG physician Matthew Hofeldt, MD, brings a new and exciting vision to an experienced program here at St. Mary's. His patients are already seeing dramatic results. Dr. Hofeldt is one of our many experts in minimally invasive surgery techniques, which give patients a quicker recovery and less pain from surgery. Lisa Hastings has done an outstanding job with The Total Woman program, and we're pleased that she's taken on this additional role of coordinating the weight loss program and working closely with Dr. Hofeldt to help patients realize the best possible outcomes. Michael G. Sellards President and CEO St. Mary's Medical Center Medical Central: Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction ......................... 12 Looking Good: Frames that flatter your face ....................... 25 Family Style: When kids go vegan ................ 26 Health Central: Diet ............... 28 Healthy Home: Pantry planning ....................... 29 Editorial and creative direction: Sharon Bittner Managing Editor: Pam Lawrence Spirit of Women magazine is a publication of Relevate Health Group. Published by Convero Editor: Elizabeth Brewster Graphic Designer: Wendy Armon As Mr. Sellards noted, I've taken on an additional role as the new coordinator of St. Mary's Surgical Weight Loss Solutions. Dr. Matthew Hofeldt, the medical director of the program, is an amazing surgeon specializing in minimally invasive techniques. I am pleased to work with him to help patients. I had weight loss surgery years ago, and it has made an important difference in my life. Many of you have asked me if this will affect my role as the coordinator of The Total Woman program. I want to assure you that I love The Total Woman program and all of you as members. Although having two roles does mean I'm busier now, I will continue to serve you with programs and information and I'm here to answer all your health questions. Please give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you, and I'll see you at our next event. Lisa Hastings, RN, BSN Total Woman Coordinator 304-526-1271 /

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