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Spirit of Women magazine is a national publication presented to women by hospitals and their physicians. The magazine provides up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare information and promotes our hospitals as leaders in women's health excellence.

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20 Pet Care M ost cats and dogs are adept at communicating their day-to-day needs to their human families. I'm hungry! I want to go outside! Play with me! I'm hungry! But sometimes it's not so obvious when your favorite canine or feline is under the weather. Many pets are naturally good at masking signs of illness, so it may be up to you to watch for subtle signs that all is not well. Some of the most common symptoms, according to American Humane, include: decrease in appetite and/or energy level hiding vomiting or diarrhea blood in urine or stool straining to urinate or defecate bald patches abnormal whining or crying Any of these symptoms should send you and your pet to the vet within a day or two to get checked out. Furry Coping with a sick pet

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