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Spirit of Women magazine is a national publication presented to women by hospitals and their physicians. The magazine provides up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare information and promotes our hospitals as leaders in women's health excellence.

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1 5 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m W I N T E R 2 015 S P I R I T O F W O M E N Andie MacDowell W hen Andie MacDowell settles comfortably onto the set of author Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove" television show, she takes the 12- to 14-hour days in stride. Shot in the idyllic Pacific Northwest, the Hallmark Channel series has given MacDowell her first starring role on the small screen, as municipal court Judge Olivia Lockhart. "Olivia wants to do the right thing, and her logic, empathy and intellect are really good," she says. "I wish I had as much wisdom." In fact, MacDowell says she ruminates about living right and just being a better person. "I try not to 'accept' anger, because I might pass it to you, and you'll pass it to someone else if they upset you," says the model, spokesperson, actress and mother, who has three chil- dren now in their 20s. A BEAUTIFUL LIFE At age 56, MacDowell aims to stay centered and not worry too much, she says, and she wants to motivate others to do the same. "Take care of yourself and love yourself as you would a child," she says. "Eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise, enjoy the outside and nature, pick and make good friends, and be kind. You have to nurture yourself." MacDowell says she does that by avoiding glu- ten—she's intolerant—and eating "real, unprocessed food" and plenty of vegetables and fruits, often picking berries in the Missoula, Mont., woods on her 2,700- acre working ranch. Her Anatolian shepherd dog, Leila, accompanies her on woody hikes, and she trail-rides her daughter's quiet and trusty American Quarter Horse, Lulu. To quiet her "monkey mind," she practices yoga. "I try to exercise in the morning because I sleep better at night when I'm not overstimulated," says MacDowell. "Sometimes I can't sleep because I worry about business or money. I have a hot glass of milk, and it really does help. Then I read." Beauty sleep aside, during a lifetime of being labeled "beautiful," MacDowell has formed her own opinions about what that means. "We've developed some strange ideas about what is beautiful," she says. "I don't think scrawny girls who haven't had enough to eat are beautiful, even though clothes drape well on them on the runway. Healthy people are beautiful, and so are people who radiate kindness." GREAT EXPECTATIONS Despite her long track record of professional achieve- ments, MacDowell says she's not immune to constant expectations about her "next big thing." "The world can push me and it can ask, 'Is your movie big enough?' or 'Is your TV show?' and 'Are you working enough'?" she says. "It's nice to be a high achiever, but what's going to matter is if you loved enough." MacDowell cares about causes and has put her sprawling acreage into a conservation easement so it will be protected as open land and never developed. The native of small-town Gaffney, S.C., also lives in a three-bedroom Montana "cabin," after selling a very large house in Asheville, N.C. "It didn't feed my soul like this," she says. "I want to nurture this property, to keep it an oasis for wildlife." In addition, MacDowell is a longtime advocate for ovarian cancer research. In fact, she served as the face of the first ovarian cancer awareness broadcast and print public service announcements created by the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund in partnership with L'Oreal Paris during the late 1990s. STAYING CREATIVE MacDowell's next project is a new movie, the sequel "Magic Mike XXL," and she says she's pondering other creative projects as well. "My taste leans toward roman- tic comedies—I like to laugh. I enjoy using my brain and hope I work until 'forever,'" she says. Away from the camera, though, perfecting her "now" remains top priority. "I really think that's what we're all here for—to be fully conscious and to be truly better people," says MacDowell. • PHOTO Y HALLMARK CHANNEL on the big screen • "St. Elmo's Fire" • "Groundhog Day" • "Four Weddings and a Funeral" • "Footloose" ~ Andie MacDowell Healthy people are beautiful, and so are people who radiate kindness. " "

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