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FALL 2014

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2 2 S P I R I T O F W O M E N FA L L 2 014 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m © 2014 Spirit Health Group. All rights reserved. S P I R I T O F W O M E N C E L E B R A T E S O U R 2 0 1 4 N A T I O N A L A W A R D W I N N E R S W E H O N O R T H E S E S P E C I A L H E A LT H C A R E H E R O E S F O R T H E I R D E D I C AT I O N , S E R V I C E A N D PA S S I O N . Healthcare Hero Elizabeth is a certified nurse midwife who spends the majority of her time off improving healthcare in third world countries, volunteering with youth, and being active in her church community. When most people take a vacation to get away from their work and relax, she travels to deliver babies in the sub-Saharan African country of Zambia. In 2010, she traveled to Guatemala to deliver health care to impoverished women with inadequate access to medical care. In addition to her global work, Elizabeth takes a week of her vacation every summer to volunteer as a camp nurse in a Christian-based overnight sleep camp. At camp, she provides and teaches first aid to the children and staff while role modeling the importance of service and volunteerism to young people. Young Hero Award In recognition of dedication to her local and global communities following the 2010 Haiti earthquake, University of Delaware student Emily is the recipient of the Young Hero Award. Emily was selected for dedicating her free time on Sundays to Visions for Haiti, an organization that serves lunch to hundreds of the underserved in Wilmington. Beyond the local community, Emily has accompanied the nonprofit Haiti Family Initiative (HFI) to Haiti twice since the 2010 earthquake. Emily continues to raise awareness and work on development projects as the head intern for the nonprofit Students For Haiti, Inc. EMILY ZHANG Nominated by Christiana Care Health System Wilmington, Delaware Pictured above: Rachel Zhang, award recipient Emily Zhang, Peggy Mika Community Health Hero Honored for her work in conjunction with the hospital to educate women about ovarian cancer, Karen was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2011. "I had all the classic symptoms: frequent urinary tract infections, bloating, frequent urination, constant stomach gurgling and abdominal pain. I even had a Pap smear and it came back negative," says Karen, who was extremely puzzled with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer because she had had her ovaries removed in 2005. However, removal of the ovaries leaves behind some ovarian cells; it is those cells left behind that ultimately can become cancerous. Karen works alongside Ovar'coming Together and Spirit of Women to create awareness, support, and fund re- search on ovarian cancer. With a lifetime history of education, Karen is passionate about sharing her journey with ovarian cancer and educating others. KAREN TURNER Nominated by Decatur County Memorial Hospital Greensburg, Indiana Pictured above: Diane McKinney, Lynzee McDowell, award recipient Karen Turner, Annie Wilkison ELIZABETH SUSHEREBA, CNM Nominated by Christiana Care Health System Wilmington, Delaware Pictured above: Malissa Owen, award recipient Elizabeth Sushereba, CNM, Julie Silverstein

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