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Spirit of Women magazine is a national publication presented to women by hospitals and their physicians. The magazine provides up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare information and promotes our hospitals as leaders in women's health excellence.

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C O N T E N T S W I N T E R 2 0 1 4 F E A T U R E S 16 | SMALL STEPS D E P A R T M E N T S HEALTH CENTRAL: NEWS ............ 5 TO A HEALTHY HEART Making minor lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your heart health. HEALTHY EATING: APPETIZERS FOR DINNER ............. 6 18 | JAMIE LEE CURTIS: HER SIX- FINANCIAL FITNESS: PICKING A PRO ........................... 8 WORD SECRET TO HEALTHY LIVING The 55-year-old actress and children's book author talks about aging naturally— and beautifully. FAMILY STYLE: MAKE HOME LIFE A PRIORITY ....... 9 9 U.S. HOSPITAL REPORT: SAFE SURGERY .......................... 10 SPIRIT CENTRAL: FIND A SPIRIT OF WOMEN HOSPITAL NEAR YOU ...12 20 | PUTTING ADULT ADHD IN FOCUS Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is increasingly becoming an issue for adults too. SPIRIT HEALTH COACH: FIGHT FATIGUE ......................... 22 LOOKING GOOD: NAIL SALONS ............................ 25 24 | PREVENT ON THE ROAD: BEACH HOUSE VACATIONS ...... 26 CARDIAC DISEASE FROM HAPPENING AGAIN Find a new path to help reduce your risk factors for recurring heart problems. P R E S I D E N T ' S HEALTH CENTRAL: DIET .............. 28 10 From Shakespeare to Steinbeck, writers across the ages have referred to winter as a "season of discontent." Healthcare providers agree that winter does seem to be the time when more illness, discomfort and chronic disease are present in their patients. Would feeling more satisfied help our health? Research does show that being confident and satisfied can improve the function of our immune systems. Spirit of Women hospitals, doctors and nurses invite you to make this winter your season of being satisfied with your health and healthcare providers. Try creating a five-part plan for a better you by spring. Review it with your doctor or nurse practitioner. Build confidence and strength by following through with your decisions and working on your goals every day. Share your success with family and friends and, of course, your healthcare provider. Spirit of Women magazine is here to help you achieve better health for yourself and your family. This issue will provide you with lots of starting points for a more confident, healthier lifestyle, from preventing heart disease to making family time a priority to learning how to focus as an adult. Wishing you a season of healthy satisfaction, Spirit of Women magazine is a publication of the Spirit of Women Health Network. Editorial and creative direction: Managing Editor: Pam Lawrence Published by SBN Interactive Corporate and media management: Editor: Joshua Davis Graphic Designer: Lori Smith SPI RIT O F WOM EN W I N T E R 2 014 COVER PHOTO BY ANDREW ECCLES L E T T E R MAKE THIS YOUR SEASON OF SATISFACTION 4 SHARING HEALTH SECRETS: OLIVE OIL ...................................29 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m Tanya Abreu President and Chief Vision Officer Spirit of Women Health Network The only magazine in America presented for the whole health of women and their families by American hospitals and their advertising inquiries, call 561.544.0755, fax 561.544.8149 or write Visit us on the Web at Information contained herein is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have medical concerns, seek the guidance of a healthcare professional. Copyright © 2014, Spirit of Women.

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