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FALL 2013

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C c H E A L T H Y L I F E S T Y L E The cancer connection: Is there a Type C personality? By Kelly Burgess 30 SPI RIT O F WOM EN FA L L 2 013 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m T ype A personalities are high strung, driven and competitive. Type Bs are relaxed, creative and expressive. But is there a Type C mindset that could make you more prone to cancer? Maybe, says Dr. Monty R. Sellon, who is a family practice physician affiliated with Fremont Area Medical Center, Fremont, Neb. "There was some research done in the 1980s that showed there may be some personality traits that can predispose someone to cancer," says Dr. Sellon. "The research was done with a group of patients with melanoma, and while it's tough to prove a correlation, the results do seem to indicate that people with certain personality traits may be more prone to these cancers."

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