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FALL 2013

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C A N C E R C A R E J ust as high-tech medical advances are making chemotherapy more effective at fighting cancer, low-tech tactics are providing a more comfortable experience for patients during treatment sessions. "Gone are the years of 'chemo wards' with open rooms with many patients on gurneys hooked to gray IV poles," says Dr. Don Jurgens, who is medical oncology section leader at St. Cloud Hospital, St. Cloud, Minn. "All of the changes [in patient contact areas at the hospital], from architectural layouts to fabric choices on lobby chairs, were made with significant input from actual patients." "Now the idea is to make [chemotherapy treatment] environments more friendly and warmer places to be," agrees Dr. Dolores Olivarez, a medical oncologist and hematologist at Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Ind. "They are created to be more like home and less businesslike. This is particularly important for chemo patients, because the patient spends a lot of time at the facility." Getting comfortable By Danielle Toth New approaches to chemotherapy 20 SPI RIT O F WOM EN FA L L 2 013 w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m

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