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Spirit of Women magazine is a national publication presented to women by hospitals and their physicians. The magazine provides up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare information and promotes our hospitals as leaders in women's health excellence.

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S tarring in a hit comedy series isn't a guarantee of living well—but it can't hurt, if the four leading ladies of TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" are any example. Veteran actresses Betty White, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Valerie Bertinelli debuted their halfhour sitcom in 2010, and today the show is a successful tribute to the power and passion of women who thrive in middle age and beyond. "Hot in Cleveland" has also helped propel 91-year-old White to yet another round of fame in her long and storied performing career. As Elka Ostrovsky, the caretaker of the Victorian house shared by the other three characters on the show, White holds her own with the younger actresses both on and off the set. " A good sense of humor is important because it accentuates the positive. It certainly beats the alternative! " ~ BETTY WHITE HEALTHY LIVING TIPS from the stars A STEADY DIET OF ACTIVE LIVING Playing a lead role in a television series, along with working on outside projects that include voicing animated characters, hosting a reality TV series and campaigning for animal rights, takes a certain stamina that White seems to have in abundance. But she's happy to do it all, she says, and it motivates her to work at staying healthy and fit. "I'm having such a wonderful time at 91!" she says. White is famous on the set as a connoisseur of red licorice vines and has been known to opt for a hot dog and fries over a salad, but she says that overall she makes sure to maintain a healthy weight. "I weigh myself every morning, and if I'm up a pound, I take it off," she says. "It is easier to lose one pound than to take off five." LAUGH AND THE WORLD … White also believes that a satisfying life includes plenty of comedy and laughter. Her many roles over the years have ranged from guest hosting for Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin on the late-night talk show circuit to playing iconic characters in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in the 1970s and "The Golden Girls" in the 1980s. In fact, her "Golden Girls" alter-ego, the eternally optimistic and upbeat Rose Nylund, could serve as a great role model for how to approach life at any age, White has said. "A good sense of humor is important because it accentuates the positive," she says. "It certainly beats the alternative!" • VALERIE BERTINELLI JANE LEEVES Age: 62 Favorite ftness activity: Pilates, especially for core muscles and good posture Most important thing I do to stay healthy: I go outside and play! Eating plan: No sugar or meat, lots of vegetables and fsh Words of wisdom: Laughter is hands down the best medicine … and if we can laugh at ourselves, we can better make room for the shortcomings of our "opponents." Age: 53 Eating plan: Everything in moderation, lots of fresh food, and recipes from her new cookbook, "One Dish at a Time" (Rodale Books, 2012) Healthy snacking secret: Chopped celery and radishes combined with nonfat cream cheese and cayenne pepper Favorite ftness activities: Running, lifting weights Words of wisdom: Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean giving up the good things. It just means you have to exercise good judgment: Take a small portion and savor. Age: 52 Eating plan: Sticking to a healthy diet and being grateful that she doesn't have a sweet tooth Favorite ftness activities: Hiking, Pilates, cardiovascular exercises Active family fun: Spending lots of time outdoors at the beach with her husband and two children Secret vice: Watching reality TV shows while working out w w w. s p i r i t o f w o m e n . c o m S U M M E R 2 013 SPI RIT O F WOM EN PHOTO CREDIT: TV LAND WENDIE MALICK 19

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