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Winter 2018

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Pick a pair of Looking Good N othing pulls together fall and winter outfits like a great pair of boots. But what looks good with the latest styles isn't always good for your feet. Wearing the wrong pair of boots can contribute to a host of foot and other health problems. But you don't have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. These smart steps can help keep your feet in good standing. Use a measuring device. Because sizing has become standardized, especially more for women than men, it's important to find your true shoe size that's unique to you. "People need to be fitted properly and buy by their measurements," says Podiatrist Roy O. Kroeker, DPM, of Fresno. "The better shoe stores in town will take the time to offer you measurements and you should take them up on it." Dr. Kroeker recommends using the Brannock Device® while standing to get your correct foot measurements. "Plus, be sure to ask if the store's measuring device conforms to its shoes," he says. Check out the toe box. When you're shopping, look for boots with a toe box that's rounded or slightly square instead of pointy. Scrunched-up toes can contribute to bunions, hammertoes and bone spurs and make walking uncomfortable. And it's a mistake to think you'll stretch out snug boots just by wearing them. "Make sure the shoes are an adequate fit for you by trying them on and walking around the store," Dr. Kroeker says . Go for a low heel or no heel at all. Choose boots with a heel height of two inches or lower. With an elevated heel, your weight shifts to the ball of your foot, which can also contribute to bunions and hammertoes and change your skeletal alignment, paving the way for knee and back pain. Look for a chunky, wedge or platform heel. Compared with a stiletto or thin stacked heel, boots with chunky, wedge or platform heels offer more stability . Choose a healthy boot brand. Vionics, for example, offers boots with innovative deep-seated heel cup technology that keeps your foot secure, padded and cushioned. Clarks and ECCO boots are also known for their cushioning and arch support. Opt for leather. "As far as material, leather is always best," Dr. Kroeker says. "It can even be treated to be waterproof." To waterproof your boots, simply massage a waterproof wax into the boot in a circular motion with a clean rag. Spring for a new pair. Boots can be expensive, which is why women tend to hold on to the same pair for years, even decades. But a worn heel or deformed sole can cause your foot to strike the ground at an odd angle, setting the stage for ankle sprains, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and losing your balance. boots comfy 12 12 H E A LT H Y S P I R I T W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 w w w . s a m c . c o m

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