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Winter 2018

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11 11 "With UroNav technology, we can conduct more comprehensive scans of the prostate and make targeted biopsies with better success of removing malignant tissue." Christopher Julian, MD, Saint Agnes Urologist w w w . s a m c . c o m W I N T E R 2 0 1 8 H E A LT H Y S P I R I T 11 patients are able to return home the same day with minimal side effects. Dr. Julian and his team work hard to make sure patients feel safe during and after their procedures. "Whenever I've been to Saint Agnes, the care and handling are always incredible," Robert says. "They put me at ease and I was made very comfortable and I felt no discomfort afterward." Without the accuracy of the UroNav procedure, Robert's situation would have worsened without his knowledge. The decision to go forward with the exam likely saved his life. "Mr. Wiser's MRI showed an area of suspicion that would not have appeared on the digital exam," Dr. Julian says. Robert and Dr. Julian both encourage those who suspect they have prostate cancer to insist on PSA tests from their primary care physicians. "People's lives could be saved by these tests," Robert says. "Though getting a PSA test is only the first step in prostate examination, it helps provide baseline data for physicians to begin creating an appropriate action plan for the patient," Dr. Julian explains. "We are thrilled to be able to provide this valuable service to patients in the Central Valley and hope to continue using the technology to help achieve more accurate diagnoses."

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